This is a real novelty in the car lift panorama as there are not hydraulic components on the system.

Car lifts (without driver on board) that have no hydraulic components, their operation is completely electric and equipped with a device for energy recovery.

During the descent of the equipment, the electrical power produced, about 40% of the engine power, is totally recovered and made available to users. For an equal power installed electric lifts are much faster than hydraulic lifts.

The motors of these systems feature negative electric brakes and inverter drive with vector control.

The electrical operation saves energy and makes the electric car lift an eco-friendly solution.

Systems suitable for installation indoors. Systems can also be used as a goods lift.

The standard plant is fully galvanised and can be coated in Triplex in a wide range of colours to harmonise it with the surrounding environment.

System suitable for indoor installation. It can also be used as goods lift.


  • Platform width: from 230 to 270 cm
  • Platform length: from 500 to 560 cm
  • Capacity Load:2700 kg
  • Travel: over 11,90 m
Data sheet car lift IP1-HMR V12 DOWNLOAD