The car lift IP1-CM MOB 2 with covering lid is an upgraded version of the IP1-CM MOB which is capable of serving an increased maximum travel distance while also reducing the pit depth requirements, thanks to its 4 vertical-thrusting cylinders.

This solution will allow you to dedicate the area that would usually be taken by ramps into an additional garden or courtyard area.

The lid can be paved in any material up to 150 kg/m² even in its XL version in order to conceal the lift in its surrounding environment. IdealPark’s solutions that combine infrared barriers, radars and laser scanners  bring together safety and aesthetic, bypassing the need to install unsightly fences around the lift.
Each project’s specificities are taken into consideration when designing and manufacturing an IP1-CM MOB 2, and our R&D department is always developing new solutions to make the client’s special requests a reality.

Touchscreen control panels with fingerprint scanners, customization of the system’s times, lights and doors, automatic return to the programmed floor, immersive room and many other applications that are constantly researched  and updated in order to ensure only the best comfort and user experience.

The IdealPark main switch cabinet also includes diagnostic, multimedia, assistance tools to the installation and for remote service from anywhere in the world.


Platform width

Platform length

Loading capacity


Pit depth


Max lid paving load

from 230 cm D 270 cm

from 500 cm D 560 cm

2700 kg

up to 11.9 m

50 cm

0.05 m/s

150 kg/m²

up D 300 cm for XL version

up D 650 cm for XL version

3500 kg for XL version

up to 11.9 m

60 cm for XL version

up to 0.15 m/s for XL version

150 kg/m²

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