Geothermal energy

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Heat exchangers
Essentially the role of heat exchangers is to transfer the heat of a flowing material to another flowing material with a lower starting temperature. The materials can be gaseous or liquid. The temperature difference between the two media as the driving differential is essential for heat transfer.
WL 110.01
WL 110.02
WL 110.03
Tubular Heat Exchanger        Plate Heat Exchanger                   Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger 
Demonstration of the function and behaviour of a tubular heat exchanger in parallel flow and counterflow operation               Demonstration of the function and behaviour of a plate heat exchanger in parallel flow and counterflow operation                     Demonstration of the function and behaviour of a shell and tube heat exchanger in cross parallel flow and cross counterflow operation
WL 110.04
WL 315C
Jacketed Vessel with Stirrer & Coil    Trainer Tubular Heat Exchanger
Heating using jacket or coiled tube; stirrer for improved mixing of medium                                                                                                                                                Comparison of plate heat exchanger, tubular heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exchanger, finned cross-flow heat exchanger, and jacketed vessel with stirrer   
Shallow geothermal energy
Shallow geothermal energy is based on the same fundamental principle as solar thermal energy. However, in this case it is the ground which is acting as a heat source, not the sun. There is an underground pipe system in which a liquid heat transfer medium circulates.
ET 101
ET 262
ET 264
Simple compression refrigeration circuit      Geothermal probe with heat pipe principle                 Geothermal energy with two-well system
Cooling and heating of the heat exchangers directly tangible                                           Transparent components offer insight into the changes of state of the working medium   Open circuit for use of geothermal energy                                                                      
HL 320.01
HL 320.07
HL 320.08
Heat Pump                                                                            Underfloor Heating / Geothermal Energy Absorber                  Fan Heater / Air Heat Exchanger                                   
Heat pump for different configurations of the HL 320 module system                 Heat source or heat sink for the HL 320 module system      Fan coil unit for integration into the HL 320 module system  
Deep geothermal energy

There are different ways of distinguishing between the various geothermal fields attributed to deep geothermal energy. Criteria for the different deposits include the necessary drilling depth, the origin of the geothermal energy, the type of usage or the temperature level.

ET 850
ET 851
Steam Generator   Axial steam turbine                     
Laboratory scale gas-fired steam generator for saturated or superheated steam; integrated condenser                 Single-stage steam turbine with power output measurement; steam supply via from ET 850