When parking system concepts shoot sky-high, then it will most likely be one of these automatically driven parking systems that come into play. Based on storage rack principles, the vehicles are parked into storage shelves positioned either rightwards or leftwards. This will result in a tower, a shaft or a tower/shaft combination – accurately customised to individual project requirements. The Parksafe models by WÖHR are equiped with a central vertical lift, which fullyautomatically transports the cars to the next free parking place and store safe from theft or vandalism.


Parksafe 580

Based on storage rack principles, the vehicles are parked fully automatic in a tower or pit version of Parksafe 580. >>

Parksafe 585

The Parksafe 585 is an automatically controlled parking system with storage shelves arranged all-around the vertical lift. >>

Parksafe 582

Based on storage rack principles cars can simply and full-automatically be parked in 2 rows behind each other and next to the vertical lift. The Parksafe 582 as tower and/or pit version. >>

Parksafe 583

The flexibility of the Parksafe 583 allows an optimised utilisation of unusual floor plan areas and provides additional parking places in 1, 2, 3-row arrangement laterally to the vertical lift. >>

Example projects

VIETNAM | Ho Chi Minh City |Solution Center

Lot E2-M1, Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP), District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
T +84 (28) -5448 2001
T +84 (28) -5448 2002
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F +84 (28) -5445 5486

VIETNAM | Hanoi| Solution Center

86 Le Trong Tan Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam
T +84 (24) – 3 974 6889
F +84 (24) – 3 974 6865