Parklift 450

The new Parklift 450 is designed to replace its predecessor, the Parklift 440. The advantages of this newly redeveloped system lie in the reduced installation dimensions, while the vehicle dimensions remain unchanged. >>

Parklift 405

The new Parklift 405 replaces its predecessor Parklift 402. The advantages of the new development are in the reduced assembly dimensions with unchanged vehicle dimensions. >>

Parklift 340

With Parklift 340 reduced installation height and small pit depth is possible. >>

Parkbox 401

Parkbox 401 increases the number of parking spaces even in tight areas. Dependent parking on two levels above each other without pit. >>

Parklift 411

The Parklift 411 for dependent parking of two cars above each other. Suitable for outdoor installation. >>

Parklift 421

Wöhr Parklift 421 makes 3 on 1. On the surface of only one parking place, 3 cars are parked above each other without pit. >>

Parklift 403

Three cars can park above each other on a single pit with Parklift 403. >>

Parklift 413

With Parklift 413 three parking places are build-up on one floor level, independently and cost saving. >>

Parklift 461

The invisible garage: Parklift 461 provides 1 or 2 hidden parking places. >>

Parklift 462

The invisible garage: Parklift 462 provides 2 or 4 underground parking places. >>

Parklift 463

The invisible garage: Parklift 463 provides 3 or 6 underground parking places. >>