Socket outlets

Gira socket outlets

Shatter-proof, inscribable, with integrated, increased contact protection, hinged cover, orientation light, or international: Gira offers a broad socket outlet product range for installation in the home.
SCHUKO socket outlet with contact protection
Inscribable SCHUKO socket outlet
SCHUKO socket outlet, rotated 30°
SCHUKO socket outlet with control light

SCHUKO socket outlets with increased contact protection ensure that little ones don’t get hurt while playing, whether in the child’s room or anywhere in the home.

The more devices you have connected next to each other, the more helpful it is for the connections to be clearly labelled. It is essential that devices requiring a constant power supply are labelled accordingly.

A socket outlet insert rotated by 30° facilitates the connection of devices with angled plugs, e.g. televisions, computers and printers.

The control light is used to display whether the socket outlet is live or not. This serves as an orientation aid, for example, in the case of socket outlets which can be switched off using a separate switch.

SCHUKO socket outlet with LED orientation light
SCHUKO socket outlet with hinged cover
SCHUKO socket outlet with overvoltage protection
RCD-protected socket outlet 30mA

The Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with LED orientation light has a recessed light strip that projects a light corridor downwards by means of a white LED.

Effective now, Gira is setting improved standards for convenience with a new SCHUKO or CEBEC socket outlet with hinged cover.

During thunderstorms, overvoltage can severely damage electronic devices, even if lightning strikes the power grid from some distance away. Should this occur, a socket outlet with overvoltage protection will reduce the voltage in good time.

The Gira RCD-protected socket outlet with residual current protection monitors connected devices and interrupts the power supply within milliseconds before a residual current can become hazardous.

SCHUKO socket outlet with safety power supply
SCHUKO double socket outlet
Flush-mounted water-protected socket outlet
Surface-mounted water-protected socket outlet

The SCHUKO socket outlet 16 A 250 V with integrated, increased contact protection (‘shutter’) and symbol from System 55 is available with covers in various colours for safety power supply or special power supply.

The practical Gira SCHUKO double socket outlet for installation in a 58 mm flush-mounted device box is available in various material and colour variants.

Water-protected socket outlets and switches are mandatory for outdoor use. For your own safety. It must be possible to switch off the devices from indoors. The lockable variant is recommended, e.g. in the laundry room of a rental property.

Socket outlets from the Gira surface-mounted water-protected system are ideally suited for any damp areas, whether indoors or outdoors. Two models are available: protected against splash water IP 44, or waterproof IP 66.

Flush-mounted floor empty housing
USB power supply

The housing is used to install flush-mounted devices with support ring fixing from the fields of installation and communication technology.

The Gira USB power supply enables mobile devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players etc. to be charged directly at the USB power supply without an additional power supply unit.