Keyless In

Gira Keyless In

Keyless In

Gira is now offering something for building technology that has long been standard in the automotive industry: Keyless In products for keyless access to rooms and buildings. The technology is based on electronic and biometric systems. The two Fingerprint and Keypad variants can be installed as stand-alone devices without additional control components or integrated into theGira door communication system.

They can be installed in the commercially available 58 mm flush-mounted box, and Gira Keyless In can be integrated in the switch ranges both indoors and outdoors.

Keyless In Keypad

The Gira Keyless In Keypad opens the door when a personal number combination is entered.

Gira Keyless In should not be installed as an individual device in security-related areas. A high level of security is guaranteed in combination with the Gira door communication system, because when integrated there are no exposed contacts that can be bypassed by unauthorised individuals.