Fundamentals of thermodynamics

Water Air
Soil             Waste
Thermodynamic state variables
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Fundamentals of temperature measurement                  Advanced Temperature Measurement Trainer             Fundamentals of pressure measurement                   
Experimental introduction to temperature measurement technology: methods, areas of application, characteristics          Comparison of steady and non-steady state temperature measurement using seven typical measuring devices                   Measurement of positive and negative pressure with different measuring devices                                                    
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Fundamentals of humidity measurement             Change of state of gases                                   Expansion of ideal gases                                           
Comparison of four measuring methods of humidity in a climatic chamber with adjustable humidity      Experimental investigation of gas laws and changes of state                                                  Determination of the adiabatic exponent according to Clément-Desormes                                  
Principles of heat transfer
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Heat conduction in metals             Heat conduction in fluids                     Heat conduction and convection 
Investigation of the thermal conductivity of different metals                                                                  Determination of the coefficient of thermal conductivity for gaseous and liquid fluids   Investigation of heat conduction and convection using the example of a cooling fin
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Free and forced convection        Heat transfer by radiation       Thermal radiation unit    
Calculation of convective heat transfer at different geometries: flat plate, cylinder, tube bundle             Effect of different surfaces on heat transfer                                                        Investigation of thermal and light radiation using a thermopile and lux meter                         
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Radial and linear heat conduction                Thermal conductivity of building materials Heat conduction trainer                                            
Study of heat conduction in solids                                                                                                                  Investigation of the insulation properties of typical materials from the building materials sector   Determination of the steady and non-steady state conductivities in metallic specimens  
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Convection and radiation
Heat transfer by convection and radiation in gases
Phase change
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Vapour pressure of water – marcet boiler                 Evaporation process                                    Boiling process                                            
Pressure and temperature measurement in a steam boiler                                    Observation of typical forms of evaporation in a water pipe environment                 Demonstration of evaporation in a steam boiler                                                
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Condensation process          
Measurement of heat transfer in dropwise and film condensation