Components of refrigeration

Water Air
Soil             Waste
Modular training systems
ET 900
ET 910
ET 910.10
Introduction to refrigeration                                                         Refrigeration Training System, Base Unit           Refrigeration Components for Basic Experiments     
Training system with interchangeable modules for setting up simple refrigeration circuits                        Set-up of various refrigeration circuits using modular component kits                                                             Accessories to set up complex refrigeration circuits                                                                     
ET 910.11
Refrigeration Components for Advanced Experiments            
Accessories to set up simple refrigeration circuits                  


ET 165
ET 432
ET 428
Refrigeration System with Open Compressor                   Behaviour of a Piston Compressor         Energy Efficiency in Refrigeration Systems    
Capacity measurement at the open compressor with variable speed; refrigeration chamber with adjustable cooling load       Investigations in an open two-cylinder piston compressor from refrigeration engineering                                                       Investigation of a refrigeration system in multi-compressor operation                                                                                                  

Heat exchangers

ET 431
ET 405
Heat exchangers in the refrigeration circuit   Heat pump for cooling and heating operation    
Investigation of properties of different heat exchangers and their use in refrigeration      Heat pump with various heat exchangers for air and water                                                   


ET 460
Oil return in refrigeration systems
Investigation of transport of lubricants soluble in refrigerant  

Primary and secondary controllers

ET 426
ET 180
ET 181
Capacity control in refrigeration systems                  Pressure switches in refrigeration                    Adjustment and operation of expansion valves  
Comparison of different methods of capacity control          Demonstration and operation of pressure switches used in refrigeration   Comparison of different expansion valves: recording the control response 
ET 182
Secondary controllers in refrigeration systems
Demonstration of the principle of operation of the various secondary controllers in the refrigeration circuit
Refrigeration components
ET 499.01
ET 499.02
ET 499.03
Cutaway Model: Hermetic Refrigerant Compressor Cutaway model: semi-hermetic refrigerant compressor       Cutaway model: open refrigerant compressor, 2-cylinder           
Cutaway model of an industrial refrigeration compressor
ET 499.12
ET 499.13
ET 499.14
Cutaway model: block drier      Cutaway model: oil separator     Cutaway nodel: liquid separator
ET 499.16
ET 499.18
ET 499.19
Cutaway model: ball valve                        Cutaway model: thermostatic expansion valve Cutaway model: automatic expansion valve
ET 499.21
ET 499.30
Cutaway model: sight glass with humidity indicator Cutaway Model: Ceiling Air Cooler                              
Cutaway models of industrial components used in refrigeration engineering