Principles of refrigeration

Water Air
Soil             Waste
ET 915.06
ET 915.07
ET 350
Model of a simple air conditioning system              Air conditioning model                               Changes of state in the refrigeration circuit                        
Model of a simple air conditioning system for room cooling; connection to ET 915            Model of a full air conditioning system with outer and reciculating air operation; connection to ET 915     Energetic evaluations of the refrigeration cycle. Transparent components allow view inside.   
ET 400
ET 411C
ET 915
Cooling using the Peltier effect                                                                                                            Vortex cooling device                                                                                                          HSI training system refrigeration and air conditioning technology, base unit
Compression refrigeration system with water-cooled evaporator                                                                                         Comparison of different expansion elements, investigation of the effects of over- and underfilling with refrigerant Modern learning environment through hardware/software integration (HSI)                                                     
ET 915.01
ET 915.02
Refrigerator model                                                                                       Model of a refrigeration system with refrigeration and freezing stag
Simple model of a domestic refrigerator for connection to the ET 915  Series and parallel connection of evaporators; connection to ET 915