Fundamentals of fluid mechanics

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Principles of hydrostatics
Hydrostatics is the study of fluids at rest.
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Hydrostatics Trainer                Hydrostatic Pressure in Liquids  Stability of floating bodies 
A well equipped hydrostatics bench allowing numerous experiments on the topic of hydrostatics of liquid and gases  Investigation of fluid pressure on vessel walls                                                                                                                                                   Determining metacentre and buoyancy using a rectangular hull cross-section                                                                               
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Methods of Flow Measurement    Flow Meter Trainer                  
Comparison of two different hull shapes: hard chine and round hull   Volumetric flow measurement for large and small flow rates      
Principles of hydrodynamics
Hydrodynamics is concerned with the study and description of fluids in motion. The main emphasis is the teaching of the conservation laws of mass, energy and momentum.
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Bernoulli’s Principle            Measurement of Jet Forces Osborne Reynolds Experiment
Static pressure and total pressure distribution along the venturi nozzle                                                                          Demonstration of the principle of linear momentum and impact forces on interchangeable deflectors with different deflection angles         Visualisation of laminar and turbulent flow                                                                                                                                            
The flow from a tank can be regarded as both steady and transient. In the steady case the fill level, and thus the width of the jet, remains constant (e.g. discharge under a weir). When the tank is emptying during the discharge process, it is in what is referred to as the transient state.
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Horizontal Flow from a Tank   Vertical Flow from a Tank    
Recording the trajectory of the water jet at different outlet velocities                              Determination of pressure losses and contraction coefficient for different outlet contours    
Pipe flow
When flowing through a pipe the friction causes the pressure energy of the fluid to fall and the internal energy of the fluid to increase.
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Losses in a Pipe System                         Pipe Friction for Laminar / Turbulent Flow            Pipe networks                                                                       
Influence of flow velocity on pressure loss                                                                                               Determining the critical Reynolds number                                                                        Pressure losses at various piping elements and pipe networks; parallel and series connection of pipe sections 
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Open channel and closed channel flow  
Flow processes on different structures in open and closed channel flows      
Hydraulic turbines work with incompressible fluids: water turbines.                      
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Operating Principle of a Pelton Turbine                           Operating Principle of a Francis Turbine             Centrifugal pump                                                                    
Model of an impulse turbine with adjustable nozzle; determination of efficiency.                   Model of a reaction turbine with adjustable guide vanes and determination of the efficiency  Determining the characteristics of a typical centrifugal pump                                                 
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Series and Parallel Configuration of Pumps                    
Determining the characteristic curves and hydraulic power output and comparison of series and parallel operating modes             
Transient flow
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Transient drainage processes in storage reservoirs                         Water hammer and surge chamber                                                        
Demonstration of the function of a rainwater retention basin and a dam                                                                      Investigation and visualisation of water hammers in pipes and demonstration of how a surge chamber works