Air conditioning technology

Water Air
Soil             Waste
Principles of air conditioning technology
ET 915.06
ET 915.07
ET 915
Model of a simple air conditioning system                                                                                                                                   Air conditioning model                                                                                                                                                            HSI training system refrigeration and air conditioning technology, base unit                     
Model of a simple air conditioning system for room cooling; connection to ET 915            Model of a full air conditioning system with outer and reciculating air operation; connection to ET 915     Modern learning environment through hardware/software integration (HSI)                              
ET 605
Air conditioning system model  
Climatic chamber with latent and sensitive heat source as cooling load. Recirculating and outer air operation possible                        

States of the air

WL 201
WL 320
Fundamentals of humidity measurement       Wet cooling tower    
Comparison of four measuring methods of humidity in a climatic chamber with adjustable humidity     Principle of operation and characteristic variables of a wet cooling tower with forced ventilation         
Practical air conditioning systems
ET 600
ET 611
ET 620
Conditioning of Room Air                                               Air Conditioning System with Chamber                                       Air conditioning and ventilation system                                    
Air conditioning system consisting of industrial components including direct evaporator and vapour humidifier                                                                   Chamber for comfort studies, suitable for occupation by test individuals. Air conditioning system with water chiller and vapour humidifier                             Manual or automatic operation through PLC climate controller                                                                                                                                              
ET 450
ET 630
Vehicle air conditioning             Split system air conditioner     
Investigation of a typical vehicle air conditioning system using components typical in automotive engineering         Modern air conditioning unit with heat pump function: cooling or heating