Transient flow

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Transient drainage processes
Transient flow: the velocity of a fluid particle changes with the time and the position. Transient flows occur during discharge processes, during startup and shutdown processes of turbomachines or in the case of fluid oscillations and water hammer processes.
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Horizontal Flow from a Tank   Vertical Flow from a Tank       Vortex Formation
Recording the trajectory of the water jet at different outlet velocities                                                                            Determination of pressure losses and contraction coefficient for different outlet contours                        Free and forced vortex and recognition of surface profiles                                                                             
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Transient drainage processes in storage reservoirs        
Demonstration of the function of a rainwater retention basin and a dam        
Water hammer
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Hydraulic Ram – Pumping Using Water Hammer        Water hammer in pipes                                                              Water hammer and surge chamber        
Formation and effect of water hammer                                                                                                             Water hammer as a function of valve closing time; calculation of the velocity of sound in water                       Investigation and visualisation of water hammers in pipes and demonstration of how a surge chamber works