Steady flow

Water Air
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Fundamentals of steady flow
In the field of steady flow, devices are particularly suited to teaching measurement of the flow course, pressure distribution and velocity distribution.
HM 240
HM 240.02
HM 240.03
Principles of Air Flow                              Power Meter                                      Electronic Total Pressure Sensor                               
Determining the fan characteristic curve                                 Effective electrical power                                                                                  Measurement of the velocity distribution in the intake tube on HM 240    
HM 240.04
HM 240.05
HM 240.06
Pressure Distribution on a Cylinder   Pressure Losses in Pipe Elements   Heat Transfer at a Cylinder in Transverse Flow
Cylinder in transverse incident flow; record pressure distribution in the wake of the cylinder in conjunction withHM 240.03       Measurement of pressure losses in straight pipe sections, in a 90° pipe bend, and in a 90° pipe angle                              Investigation of heat transfer from a heated rod to an air flow                                                                                                                       
HM 220
HM 220.01
HM 220.02
Air Flow Experimental Plant       Venturi Tube     Measurement of Boundary Layers 
Determining pressure loss and velocity profiles; different measuring objects                                                                                        Examination of the continuity equation and Bernoulli’s principle; representation of the pressure curve                                                      Velocity distribution and boundary layer thickness within the boundary layer of a flat plate in longitudinal flow; vertically sliding Pitot tube
HM 225
HM 225.03
HM 225.05
Aerodynamics Trainer Bernoulli’s Principle Flow in a Pipe Bend
For experiments from the fields of flow around bodies and steady incompressible flow          Demonstration of the continuity equation and Bernoulli’s equation              Investigation of the flow through a pipe bend                                                               
HM 225.07
HM 150.01
HM 241
Free Jet                                                            Pipe Friction for Laminar / Turbulent Flow Fundamentals of water flow                                        
Investigation of flow from nozzles                                                                                                                                                                        Determining the critical Reynolds number                                                                                                                                                                  Experiments on water flow in open flumes and in pipes. Transparent design allows observation of the flow processes.              
Steady flow of compressible fluids
In gases there is a difference between flow at constant volume (incompressible) and flow with varying volume (compressible). For larger changes in the fluid’s pressure and temperature the interconnections between pressure, temperature and volume may not be ignored any more. This flow is called compressible.
HM 230
HM 172
HM 260
Flow of Compressible Fluids                      Supersonic wind tunnel with schlieren optics                     Characteristics of Nozzles                                          
Subsonic and transonic flow through different measuring objects                                                                                                                                                                      Schlieren optics for visualisation of Mach lines and shock waves on drag bodies; interchangeable walls in the measuring section produce velocities up to Mach 1,8                         Measuring the impact or thrust force for determining the discharge velocity and the nozzle efficiency                                                                                                            
HM 261
Nozzle pressure distribution        
Measuring the pressure curves in a convergent nozzle and in Laval nozzles and to study the flow of compressible fluids        
Flow in pipe systems
Pipe systems are generally used to transport fluids. When flowing through a pipe the friction causes the pressure energy of the fluid to fall and the internal energy of the fluid to increase.
HM 150.11
HM 150.29
HM 111
Losses in a Pipe System              Energy Losses in Piping Elements Pipe networks        
Influence of flow velocity on pressure loss                                                                                               Pressure losses in various pipe fittings and in the ball valve                                                                              Pressure losses at various piping elements and pipe networks; parallel and series connection of pipe sections 
HM 112
HM 120
HM 122
Pressure Distribution on a Cylinder   Pressure Losses in Pipe Elements   Heat Transfer at a Cylinder in Transverse Flow
Interchangeable measuring objects and different pipe sections                                                                  Investigation of flow and pressure losses in different pipe sections                                                         Experimental determination of important coefficients related to pressure loss in various pipe systems
HM 124
HL 102
HL 103
Fluid mechanics experimental plant                                   Installation technology: losses in different pipes         Installation Technology: Losses in Pipe Bends      
Investigations on centrifugal pumps, control valves, piping and fittings. Large scale industrial components and high-quality instrumentation deliver realistic measurement results.    Investigation of the pressure difference in four equal-length pipe sections made of different materials                                                                                                                                                Investigation of the pressure loss at pipe elements with different changes in pipe direction and materials                                                                                                               
HL 111
HL 113
HL 210
Installation technology: losses in straight pipes   Installation technology: losses in valves and fittings   Installation technology: losses in a pipe system
Determining the pressure loss in an open pipe section                                                                                          Investigation of the pressure loss of standard valves and fittings                                                                                    Investigation of pressure losses at contractions, pipe angles, pipe bends, valves and fittings and pipe elements 
Flow in valves Special emphasis on technical issues: – constructions – valve characteristics – Kvs values
RT 390
RT 396
Test Stand for Control Valves             Pump and valves and fittings test stand       
Design and function of control valves; determination of the Kv value                                     Recording characteristic curves of industrial fittings and a centrifugal pump            
Cavitation When liquids flow, flow processes may cause local pressures that are smaller than the corresponding vapour pressure of the liquid. In this case, the liquid evaporates and vapour bubbles are formed. When the pressure re-increases the vapour bubbles implode
HM 380
ST 250
Cavitation in pumps         Cavitation
Visualisation of cavitation effects in a transparent pump; how speed, inlet pressure, flow rate and temperature affect cavitation                               Investigation of cavitation process in a venturi nozzle                                                                                                                              
Open-channel flow
Open-channel flow involves, amongst other things, the management of watercourses for the purpose of navigability, damming of lakes for power generation and/or storage of drinking water and flood protection measures.
HM 150.03
HM 150.21
HM 164
Plate Weirs for HM 150                                                                   Visualisation of Streamlines in an Open Channel                        Open channel and closed channel flow   
Determining the characteristic parameters of a photovoltaic system                                            Expansion module for ET 250 with components for feeding solar power into a public grid                  Expansion module for ET 250 with components for independent use of electricity from solar panels    
HM 160
Experimental Flume 86x300mm  
Experimental section for performing flow experiments in open flumes with lengths of 2,5m or 5m available, closed water circuit and inclination adjustment