Machine dynamics

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Machine dynamics

Machine dynamics refer to the study of a system’s motion based on the forces acting on the system. Machine dynamics apply knowledge of engineering mechanics, especially dynamics, to the problems of real machines.

Basic knowledge machine dynamics

Vibrations in machines

Examination of different vibrations, e.g. torsional vibrations or natural vibrations on the example of a model.

TM 155
TM 140
TM 150.02
Free and forced vibrations              Free and forced torsional vibrations  Free and damped torsional vibrations
Basic experiments on mechanical vibration, natural damped and forced vibrations Illustrative experiments on a torsion test bar with varying masses; multiple mass oscillator Influence of rotating mass, torsional rigidity and damping factor on the behaviour of a rotary oscillator
HM 159.11
Natural vibration on a ship model    
Dynamic behaviour of a ship structure in air and in water            
Vibrations in machines

Experimental equipment used to investigate vibrations in rotating components such as shafts.

TM 620
TM 625
Bending elasticity in rotors             Elastic shafts      
Investigation of bending vibrations and resonance of a rotating shaft   Critical rotational speeds on simply loaded and continuous shafts

Measures such as balancing affect the mass distribution in the machine so that resulting mass forces are avoided or at least reduced to an acceptable level.

TM 170
PT 502
Balancing apparatus            Field balancing   
Demonstration of the fundamentals of static and dynamic balancing   Measurement of imbalance vibrations                                        
Mass forces and mass balance

Unwanted oscillating and rotating masses in machines are reduced by means of mass balancing or ideally fully compensated.

TM 180
GL 112
Forces in reciprocating engines           Investigation of cam mechanisms  
Investigation of mass forces on a reciprocating piston machine   Comparison and investigation of different cam mechanisms
Vibration isolation

In vibration insulation, we look at two cases: the transmission of periodic, shock-like or stochastic forces from a machine to surrounding structures or vibrations from the environment to the machine.

TM 182
TM 182.01
Vibrations on machine foundations        Piston compressor for TM 182
Machine foundation and isolation of vibrations   Used for generating vibrations for the TM 182
Machinery diagnosis

The aim of machinery diagnosis, also known as machinery status monitoring or condition monitoring system (CMS), is to conduct needs-based maintenance or repair and therefore to minimise the repair and downtimes of a machine.

PT 500
PT 501
PT 500.04
Machinery diagnostic system, base unit                                      Roller bearing faults                                         Computerised vibration analyser   
Base unit for setting up wide ranging experiments in machinery diagnostics using modular accessory sets      Investigation of the vibrations of roller bearings                                                                                                         Computerised vibrational analyzer for representation and evaluation of experiments with the PT 500 machinery diagnosis series 
PT 500.05
PT 500.10
PT 500.11
Brake & load unit                                                   Elastic shaft kit                                      Crack detection in rotating shaft kit
Unit for generating a load torque for use on various PT 500 experiments   Bending vibrations of elastic shaft                                                                  Vibrational behaviour of a shaft with a radial crack      
PT 500.12
PT 500.13
PT 500.14
Roller bearing faults kit Couplings kit Belt drive kit
Assessment of bearing condition by vibration analysis Vibration analysis of couplings                       Vibrations in belt drives                               
PT 500.15
PT 500.16
PT 500.17
Vibration analysis of gearing damage                        Vibrations on crank drives                         Observation and measurement of cavitation
PT 500.18
PT 500.19
Vibrations in fans kit Electromechanical vibrations kit
Vibration measurements on fan blades                                Investigation of vibrational behaviour of an electric motor