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In this section you will find suitable teaching systems for developing an understanding of all the principal aspects of wind energy use. The range provides the chance both to teach the fundamentals of aerodynamics and to deepen understanding of topical application issues from machinery monitoring for modern wind power plants.

Fundamentals of wind energy technology

HM 170
HM 170.22
HM 170.05
Open wind tunnel                                                                Pressure distribution on an aerofoil NACA 0015                Lift body aerofoil NACA 0015                              
Experiments from the field of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics with an “Eiffel” type wind tunnel     More >>     Experiments with different aerofoil angles of attack                                                                                  Investigation of wall-guided airflow and familiarisation with the principle of pneumatic logic elements                  
HM 170.05
ET 220
ET 220.01
 Drag body square plate                                          Energy conversion in a wind power plant  Wind power plant                                           
Conversion of kinetic wind energy into electrical energy                                                  Connection to ET 220; outdoor installation allows practically relevant investigations
ET 220.10
Control Unit for Wind Power Plant ET 220.01
Use of wind energy in stand-alone operation under real weather conditions