Hydropower and ocean energy

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Hydropower and ocean energy
Traditional hydropower systems have been in use for hundreds of years as a source of energy for a wide variety of mechanical applications. As such, hydropower represents a renewable energy source that has been successfully used for a long time. Since the beginning of hydropower-generated electricity, the percentage of electrical energy generated in this way has grown to around one quarter of all the electricity used worldwide.
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Operating Principle of a Pelton Turbine                           Operating Principle of a Francis Turbine             Pelton Turbine                                                                         
Model of an impulse turbine with adjustable nozzle; determination of efficiency.                   Model of a reaction turbine with adjustable guide vanes and determination of the efficiency  Model of an impulse turbine with speed and torque measurement                                                  
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Pelton and Francis Turbine        Pelton Turbine       Experiments with an axial turbine
Comparison of impulse and reaction turbines                                                                                   Model of a reaction turbine with speed and torque measurement; adjustable guide vanes               Record characteristics of an axial reaction turbine                                                                   
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Francis turbine trainer Kaplan turbine trainer          Wave energy converter, OWC
Characteristics of a powerful Francis turbine with adjustable guide vanes                       Four-bladed Kaplan turbine with guide vane adjustment for varying power                                Turbine unit with Wells turbine and electric generator; configurable wave generator