Energy systems

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The expansion of renewable energies has led to many small decentralised energy producers, such as wind power plants and photovoltaic installations, being set up. This led to a complex system with new challenges such as the varying availability of solar energy and wind energy.

Basic knowledge energy systems

Conversion in energy systems

The efficient conversion of available energy into the respectively most suitable form of energy is an essential prerequisite for modern networked energy system.

ET 794
ET 102
ET 792
Gas turbine with power turbine   Heat pump trainer     Gas turbine       
Two-shaft system with radial compressor and two radial turbines using liquid gas           Utilisation of ambient heat for water heating                                                                                 Operation as turboshaft engine with power turbine or as jet engine with propelling nozzle using liquid gas
HL 320.01
Heat Pump         
Heat pump for different configurations of the HL 320 module system         

Storage in energy systems

Renewable energy systems produce different amounts of energy depending on the available wind power or changing solar radiation. Coverage of the energy demand from evening to morning therefore requires suitable intermediate storage of the surplus energy from the day, if no constant supply of energy is possible, for example from a biogas plant.

ET 513
HM 143
ET 255
Single-stage piston compressor                                       Transient drainage processes in storage reservoirs   Gas turbine                                                     
Investigations on an air compressor including the determination of the mechanical power consumption     Demonstration of the function of a rainwater retention basin and a dam                    Electrical components of a real life photovoltaic system                                                 
ET 420
ET 220
ET 220.10
Ice stores in refrigeration                                     Energy conversion in a wind power plant Control Unit for Wind Power Plant ET 220.01
Industrial refrigeration system with ice store, dry cooling tower and wet cooling tower         Conversion of kinetic wind energy into electrical energy                                                       Use of wind energy in stand-alone operation under real weather conditions