Gira surface-mounted

The Gira Surface-Mounted

Install smart switches with minimum effort, wherever you need them.

The Gira surface-mounted design lines Gira Studio, Standard 55 and Profile 55 are ideal for rooms where you can’t or don’t want to tear open walls. Even more convenient: the switches are mounted by the professional electrician of your choice.

Gira E2 surface-mounted switches: the timeless design variant.

The Gira E2 surface-mounted design line is the perfect solution for retrofittings – whether it be in a house or apartment. With a minimalist design and subtle colours (pure white glossy), these switches fit in virtually any interior spaces. Surface-mounted variants also allow you to choose from over 300 functional inserts of Gira System 55.

Gira Standard 55 surface-mounted switches: resistant and easy-care.

The Gira Standard 55 surface-mounted design line is flexible and adaptable. With its classic appearance, it can be installed anywhere in the house or apartment. Thanks to its compatibility with the [Gira System 55].

Gira Standard 55 surface-mounted switches


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