Gira System 106

Gira System 106

With Gira, your smart door intercom system turns into a design statement.

The modular Gira System 106 enables you to configure door intercom systems according to your requirements. As the counterpart to Gira indoor stations, it covers all essential functions including doorbell, camera, name plate, and house number at the entrance. Robust materials and modern technology ensure a high level of convenience and safety. Another benefit: Gira System 106 is compatible with all Gira home stations and door communication solutions.

Product features

Gira System 106 door stations: customisable to complement your entrance perfectly.

Not only can you interact with visitors before opening the door – you can also leave a great first impression with a modern, sleek intercom system. As each component is interchangeable, you have various options to adjust the design individuall.

Flush-mounted variants for house facades.

Attached to the surface or built into the wall? With Gira System 106, you can opt for either a surface-mounted or a flush-mounted installation on your facade. Thus, the system blends in seamlessly at the entrance. To install your device, a facade module is integrated into the insulation so that thermal bridges can be prevented.

Gira call button module 106.

It's great to have a choice. The module is available with backlit call buttons for easy recognition and reading of the inscription in the dark or with elegant metal buttons including laser engraving.

Letterbox and door intercom system all in one.

Add a visual highlight to your entrance: Gira System 106 intercoms can be integrated into Renz letterbox systems.

Gira door station module 106.

This is the smallest version of a full-fledged door station. It includes a hands-free system with an integrated call button, a high-quality microphone, and a weatherproof speaker.

Gira System 106, colour stainless steel, door station module.

Install the system that meets your personal requirements.

The Gira System 106 is a modular system. This means that you can put together your own customised installation. Camera, hands-free function, or call button – all modules are based on the same smart technology. They can easily be inserted into the wall, covered and protected by a 3-mm front plate. Plus, the system allows you to change the arrangement of your modules without great effort.


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