Gira KNX system

Gira KNX system
A wired network for your entire home.

Smart technology that understands your way of life.

Imagine living in a house that knows your needs and habits inside and out. That turns the lighting on and off, regulates indoor temperatures, and takes over tedious chores – all by itself. The Gira KNX system was designed to offer exactly this kind of comfort: a variety of devices and features accommodating your daily routines in perfect sync.
 The KNX cable connects control units with your lights, heating system, and blinds.

How Gira KNX home automation works

KNX is the universal standard for smart building technology across the globe. Hundreds of manufacturers, including Sony, Bosch, Siemens, and Gira have developed their own solutions according to that standard.   

The base for a connected Smart Home is a green cable, which must be laid in addition to regular power supply lines during a new construction or renovation. This cable enables you to link the different KNX-compatible components of your house. The wired system furthermore consists of: 

  • sensors 
  • receiving units 
  • control units such as switches, smartphones, and Gira G1 

Once the KNX installation is completed, all integrated devices can interact with each other.

Gira KNX Smart Home: living comfort all around.

Apart from lights, blinds, and heating, you can control a variety of other functions with KNX technology, including: 

  • smart door communication 
  • smart entertainment  
  • smart home security  

If you own a Sonos sound system or Philips Hue lights, you can integrate these into your Gira KNX system as well.  

Connect your smart devices to an IFTTT network.

Gira X1 app: easy control via smartphone.

Monitoring your entire Gira KNX system works though one compact mini server: the Gira X1. With the corresponding Gira app, all it takes is a simple swipe to keep your home in check. You can also create scenes, i. e. sequences of automated functions. By way of example, a “cinema” scene may look somewhat like this:  

  • lights in the living room are dimmed, 
  • your Philips Hue lights switch to a warm colour, 
  • the TV is turned on, 
  • blinds are lowered. 

All of this happens simultaneously as soon as you activate the scene manually via switch, on your tablet or smartphone, or via voice command.

Quick and precise: using the Gira X1 app, you can adjust your settings anytime.

Stay up-to-date – with your personalised interface.

Lights on and off, temperatures up or down, reactivating scenes or creating new ones: the Gira X1 app serves as the central control unit for your whole KNX system. To help you keep an overview, the app’s interface can be adjusted to your personal preferences. This allows you to: 

  • set up different categories for each room in your house (f. ex. all functions available in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom) 
  • use distinct icons and colours to mark certain categories and features 

Thanks to the remote access device Gira S1, you can use the app from anywhere – on your couch, at the office, or even on the road.  

If this, then that: make your own rules with IFTTT.

After installing the Gira KNX system, it’s easy to add more functions via IFTTT (“If this, then that”) technology. You’ll be amazed by the variety of options your Smart Home has to offer. How about integrating a robotic vacuum cleaner into pre-programmed scenes, for example? You can also install smart IoT (“Internet of Things”) switches via Wi-Fi or radio transmission.  

This way, you won’t have to clean up after yourself: just tap a switch and your smart robot will do the work for you. As you configure all these functions by yourself, the Gira KNX system ensures maximum comfort and flexibility within your own four walls.  

In KNX Smart Homes, vacuum cleaners run according to automated schedules or on demand.


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