eNet system

The Gira eNet wireless system – smart networking and control of building technology

The possibilities offered by the latest technologies can even be easily integrated in older buildings. With Gira eNet, functions such as lighting and blind control can easily be retrofitted and networked with one another – without any need to lay new cables. This is because Gira eNet is 100% wireless. A range of control devices – including hand-held transmitters as well as retrofittable wall transmitters – are available for control purposes. The eNet server allows the system to be controlled using the Gira Control Clients, a computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, even while on the move.


Wirelessly control light, blinds and scenes

Switching and dimming lights, as well as opening and closing blinds and roller shutters, either manually or depending on the sunlight: With Gira eNet components, everything can be controlled wirelessly – either individually or networked into so-called scenes in a situation- or needs-based manner. Existing switches or buttons from the System 2000 range for lighting or blind control, for example, can be easily replaced with Gira eNet wireless operating top units. They enable existing functions in the Gira eNet system to be integrated, networked and controlled by means of wireless wall transmitters and hand-held transmitters.

Switching and dimming lights

Switching the light on and off or dimming it continuously is an absolute doddle with the Gira eNet wireless switching/dimming top unit.

Controlling blinds

The wireless blind control button enables convenient blind control at the touch of a finger.

Calling up scenes

Creating the appropriate lighting mood in the living room at the touch of a finger, while lowering the blinds at the same time: With the Gira eNet wireless wall transmitter, light and blinds can be linked to each other in scenes and jointly controlled.

Controlling building technology in the home with a smartphone

Keep building technology under control everywhere in the home using your smartphone: All the Gira eNet wireless system’s functions can be conveniently controlled via the WLAN network by using the Gira eNet Mobile Gate app in conjunction with the Gira Mobile Gate. The free Gira eNet Mobile Gate app is available for devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

Switching lights on and off, or dimming them to exactly the desired setting: With the Gira eNet Mobile Gate app, lighting can be controlled with maximum flexibility.


Fully raising or lowering blinds or roller shutters, positioning them at a predefined height, and moving slats into the desired position: all at the touch of a finger.


The desired mood can be called up directly at the touch of a finger using the Gira eNet Mobile Gate app. Scenes, which can be changed again at any time, can be created easily from all the functions.

Network the entire system and control it from anywhere with the eNet server

The Gira eNet server is the intelligent central control unit of the Gira eNet wireless system for when users want to go beyond the standard functions. It also facilitates convenience functions such as occupancy simulation and time-controlled opening and closing of blinds. The entire Gira eNet system can be programmed, visualised and controlled with the eNet server. It can be accessed using various control devices such as the Gira Control Clients, computers, smartphones and tablets – whether you’re at home or on the move. That way, you’ve always got the building technology under control – regardless of your location.

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Data protection and data security in the smart home

Data protection and data security are extremely important for the intelligently networked home and must be handled carefully. Talk to your electrician specifically about these topics. To give you a good overview of the topics in advance, Gira has made information available on a dedicated website. Read our recommendations and find out how you can safeguard your smart home.