Combined Products

Combined Products

Combined Products

Fixed or portable

Socket outlet combinations, portable socket outlet boxes, power cubes and freestanding power distributors (rubber)

Equipment options for our fixed and portable socket outlet combinations cover a multitude of application scenarios.

Available are e.g. 16, 32 or 64 amp CEE sockets, as well as 16 amp SCHUKO sockets.

All ABL socket outlet combinations are shipped ready to install.

Fixed combinations

Socket outlet combinations for fixed installation

Socket outlet combinations for fixed installation

Our range of fixed combinations includes 6 different product series with thermoplastic housings. ABL socket outlet combinations are available with or without apron.

The number of carrier units depends on the product series. Weather protection covers and mounting poles are available as optional accessories.

ABL is quality management certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Every combination, including all built-in devices, is individually quality checked according to EN 61439-3.


The plastic material polyamide is particularly known for its excellent strength and toughness.


ensure clarity during installation and wiring up.


according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015


All combinations are splash protected according to IP44.

Portable socket outlet combinations

Socket outlet boxes, socket strips and power cubes

Socket outlet boxes, socket strips and power cubesn

Our socket outlet combinations provide electrical power wherever it is needed.

The housings are made from solid rubber or plastic. Socket outlet boxes are a flexible solution when portability is required, e.g. on construction sites. Our socket outlet strips score points for their small dimensions. The ABL power cube offers a supply cable inlet located at the top, designed for use in workshops and at industrial manufacturing workstations.

Temperature and impact resistant. Resistant to many chemicals.


Unbreakable, tough and durable. Oil, fat, acid and benzene resistant.


Plastic housings are weather, UV and ozone resistant.


Solid rubber housings have low flammability, are self-extinguishing, and resistant to welding and spark showers.


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